Understanding the Essential Elements in Interior Design


You know really well that interior design is the art of enhancing the interiors and the exteriors in order to get an attractive and comfortable environment for the homeowner. You can also say that such is a method of shaping an experience in the inside space. This also includes maximizing the spatial volume as well as the surface treatment for much better human functionality. The Architecture Atlanta plans and performs research, coordinates as well as manages the projects. You should be able to know the various elements of interior design.


One element that you should be familiar of is space. You must be aware that this is an important part in interior design. The space serves as the foundation in which the entire design plan is created. Thus, it is really important that the designer has a good knowledge of the space, the dimensions and utilities.


Another important element is line. There are three types of lines and they are dynamic, horizontal and vertical. The horizontal lines would adorn the structures such as the chairs, beds and tables but the vertical lines can be found in the doorways and the windows. The horizontal lines would add a secure and safe feeling to the space but the vertical lines are going to emote free as well as expansive nature. Angular or dynamic lines may add drama and such can be seen on the structures like the stairs.


The forms also mean shapes and these are very important elements in the interior design. This is the outline of the three dimensional object in a space. Forms may be made through combining two or more shapes and may be accentuated with the help of many elements like colors, patterns and textures.


Light is also another element. You must know that this is one of the very obvious elements when it comes to interior design. If there is no light, the other elements like the color, texture and pattern will not have any significance. The light would set the mood as well as the ambiance in the living space and would also highlight the other elements that include form, line and space.


The color is also one important element in interior design. Colors don’t need any special introduction. You must know that the colors are also responsible in establishing the aesthetic affiliation between the objects and such may set the mood as well. The colors can actually be selected on the psychology and also the mindset of the dweller.


The other elements which the Interior Design Atlanta must pay attention to would also include pattern and texture. Hence, it is very important that you work with the interior designer who understands these elements really well.